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Who Are We ?


We started the business in the beginning of the ninth decade of the last Hijri century which was corresponding to the beginning of the seventh decade of the twentieth Gregorian century.

We started the hotels operations with renting the old buildings available at that time. We were dealing with a big numbers of the building owners in Makkah Mukarammah at that time. So, when we rent the building we start furnishing the buildings, operating them during the Haj season only for the pilgrims who came to Makkah Mukarrammah from different parts of the world at that time. Our outstanding performance engraved our valuable reputation in the hearts of the building owners.

After that we entered the field of hotel operations in Makkah Mukarramah, where very modern and skyscraper hotels were start to rxist, with concentration on Haj and Umrah operations. Thus we acquire further expertise of hotel management and operations during the Haj & Umra seasons. Consequently we acquired and developed public relations with Haj & Umra delegations, committees and companies coming from different parts of the world. We made contracts with them to accommodate their hajies in those hotels that we handle their operations.
During our performance, and based on our expertise, we noted two vital impediments challenged our ambitions in the field of professional development of accommodation and services exerted for the hijis and umra performers. They were:

1. Accommodation market in Makkah Mukarramah required specific and delicate features in the residential buildings that may provide comforts to the pilgrims in the line of their customs and traditions.
2. Steep hike in the rent of the newly built buildings due to high price of the land in proximity to the Hram as the price of IM² land here is between hundred thousand to two hundred thousand Saudi Riyals(27,000$ to 60,000$ per metr) .
To overcome these obstacles we created an idea in the year 1413H (1992). The idea was is rent the land instead of buy it. By founding investment in the lands surrounding to the Haram area using the latest mode of renting the lands, those are of very high value, instead of purchasing them for construction. For this way we exploited the right of benefit and investment of these lands through out the rental period. This idea enabled us to create building designs according to the clients' desire and overcome the high rents of the readymade buildings
However, we had to provide cost of the contracting of the building at the rental lands. So, Financing was the problem, but we get share from our friends t overcome the finance problems.
1. During the period form 1413H, to 1428H, a 15 years period, we rented 25 sites using the same land rental methodology for the purpose of construction under the long terms contracts. We succeeded in erecting buildings and hotels on these lands and sites, using the right of benefit from these lands through out the investment period. Here it is worth mentioning that the rental and investment period of some lands are over and they along with the buildings built-up on them are handed over to the owners of those lands, without charging them a single penny as per the contracts signed with them.
2. Chairman of the board of the company himself supervises, manages and operates the buildings that are contracted, and controls the income under his partnership and management to the company of the group; Mawaddah International Group for Hotels and Umra Services; (http://www.mawaddah.com.sa) in order to provide serious supervision and fruitful achievements from those projects.
3. As a further development a company is established under the name of Besharah Incorporate Ltd., for Trading & Contracting, in order to shorten the period and fulfill the project in the shortest period, by employing our own engineers and workers, and in order to return the allocated capital for the project as fast possible.






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